Not My Night

Writing 31 blog posts is not easy. I’m constantly looking for material. If I don’t find it in my daily life then I go through 100s of writing prompts and magazine articles until something strikes my fancy. Unfortunately, even that doesn’t cure my writer’s block. Here is a behind the scenes look of how I approached this post today. 6 am – Wake up, shower and contemplate an idea for my post 7:30 am – Commute to work, think through my idea from top to bottom and eventually talk myself out of it, deciding there must be something else more interesting to write about. 9-5 – Work and wait for something interesting to happen. 5 pm- Nothing happens at work that I want (or can) write about. Drive home hoping for divine intervention to put me out of my misery. 6-8:30 pm – Berate myself for being the world’s worst writer. I mean, why can’t I come up with one decent idea? 9:30 pm – Decide on lame writer’s block post and promise myself this weekend I will do my due diligence and write 5 blog posts so that I don’t put myself through this torture again. 9:35 pm – Open up a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and think about tomorrow’s post. 🙂

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