July Q&A

TGIF, everyone! It’s been a long week, and I’m a little behind on my blog posts. I still have enough time to make it up to you, though. In tonight’s post, I’m answering some of your most pressing questions from your comments on past posts. Enjoy!

Family Matters

Question: You are doing no book buy July, and your son is doing no shave July; what is the rest of your family doing?

Answer: My husband, son, and I are all doing a step challenge through our swim club. My husband’s team is in second place, while Andrew and I are fighting not to be in last place. I finally bought a FitBit during Amazon Prime Days, so my steps have increased dramatically. It’s incredible how a fitness watch can really motivate you.

As for Jenna, I don’t think she is doing any challenges right now. She is busy working two jobs, and we are moving her into her new apartment next weekend. She also commented on several of my blogs this week and approved of me buying a writing desk for her bedroom. She just asked that I donate her old desk to charity. 🙂

First World Problems

Question: How did you fix your phone?

Answer: Andrew and I looked at my storage and realized that my Apple podcast app was set to automatically download many episodes to my phone. There were over 200 podcasts downloaded that I had no idea was even there! Once I deleted them, my storage magically returned to a standard setting.

Question Have you ever tried to go a week without buying anything?

Answer: This question was a comment from my “No Book Buy July” post. The answer – no. I don’t even know what that would look like. Sometimes, I work all day and have no time to make dinner. This happens at least once a week. If I didn’t buy dinner at Wawa once a week, I think I’d feel deprived. It’s one thing not to buy books, but hoagies?! No thanks.

On Writing

Question: Is writing therapeutic to you?

Answer: Definitely! First of all, writing is how I make sense of the world. When I get my thoughts down on paper or posted here, I feel like a weight has been lifted. What’s even better is when you, as the reader, can relate to what I’m saying. It’s the best feeling to know that I’m not the only one in the world feeling this way. And knowing this makes me feel a little less alone.

Have a great night! See you tomorrow.


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  1. Tamara
    July 22, 2023 at 5:50 am (2 months ago)

    Thank you for answering (my) questions!
    Looks like is doing enough real life challenges, what with two jobs and moving out!

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