Home Sweet Home

When we bought this house, I remember thinking this will make for a nice starter home. We hadn’t started our family yet, and I thought this was the perfect size house to begin our lives together. It’s a split-level home with three bedrooms on a quarter acre of land in a nice, quiet street in a pretty neighborhood. At the time, I thought we would grow into something larger and with a basement.

More than twenty years later, we have made our “starter home” our home sweet home. We put in hardwood floors, redid all the bathrooms, painted every room several times over, changed 3/4 of the garage into an office space, gutted and designed our dream kitchen. Now we are just about finished replacing our deck and patio to create a beautiful outdoor space. Each of these projects has taken a lot of time, research, money, and love.

As a bonus, we have some of the best neighbors in the world living right on our street. Some of our closest friends are a few doors down. I started a book club that is still going strong. The township is turning a nearby golf course into a beautiful new park to walk to when it is finished.

I always say that if I won the lottery, I would buy a shore house but never move into a larger house. Besides, I don’t need any more rooms to clean! And with all the work we’ve put into this place, why not enjoy it while we can!

Yesterday, I sat on my patio with a glass of Reisling and my Kindle and sunk into my new favorite reading chair and thought  – “I am living my best life right here.” So, to the lovely realtors who call and “check-in” about selling our house. Thanks, but no thanks. We are happy here and have no plans to move anytime soon.

Call us in another 20 years.

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  1. Melissa
    August 1, 2021 at 8:47 am (4 months ago)

    Enjoy your beautiful new outdoor oasis!!


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