Facebook Fanatic

I’m kind of a Facebook fanatic. This will not come as a shock to people who know me pretty well. But, to those who don’t –it’s true. It is not something I’m proud of but I am coming to terms with my relationship with Facebook (FB for short. 🙂 ) I indulge in this – I guess you would call it a hobby — because I don’t indulge in much more than laundry and chocolate in my adult life. I don’t tweet or pin or use SnapChat. I barely know how to follow my own kids on Instagram although I know it is the thing I should probably get next. That is – if I want to waste more time. FB provides amazing articles without having to subscribe to more magazines. FB gives me access to insightful (and often hilarious) commentary by those whose opinions I admire and respect. FB offers trips down memory lane – like an old commercial or a list of fun facts about some of my favorite ’80s movies.  

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