200 Words

My life in 200 words. No more. No less. Okay, that’s 14 words already. Here goes nothing. I’m frustrated a little too easily these days and I’m feeling pretty guilty about it. I know that everyone is busy. I try hard to be patient. I do. But that has never been a virtue of mine. I came home from work tonight to wet clothes that should already be in the dryer, dry towels that need folding and overflowing hampers of clothes that haven’t made their way down to the laundry room. And, I can’t find any empty baskets! (98 words) I have a lot of personal goals this year and I want to fulfill them all. But, I can’t seem to work it into my schedule and it’s SO frustrating. To be honest, maybe I’m not frustrated. Maybe I’m overwhelmed or I’m giving in to all the self-doubt I carry inside, but rarely show others. I don’t have an answer yet. So, today, I made a phone call to talk to someone about all of this. I haven’t felt a need to make an appointment for quite a while. But, I woke up this morning and realized, it’s time for a visit. (200 words).  

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