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My Sick Day in Haikus

Ah-choo, Ah-choo, Ah…
Blowing my nose til its red
It’s so not pretty

Kleenex are everywhere
Not thrown away, I don’t care
Excused from housework

Turn on the TV
Please bring me some orange juice
Now leave me alone

I stay home from work
Robo-calls the whole day long
Can’t go back to sleep

Where the heck is Whoopi?
Why is she not on The View?
Friday, she is off

Do not shake my hand
Keeping my germs to myself
Just blow me a kiss

Tired of being sick
Tea and honey are working
I’ll wake up better

My Shot

Cue the music from Hamilton…just kidding.

This is going to be a brief post tonight because I am in the middle of writing a piece for a Writer’s Digest contest. I have to submit 500 words on why I love writing.

I once saw a poster that read “Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.” Others have told me that just the act of submitting something means I’ve already won because others simply didn’t bother to give try.

So, what do I have to lose…nothing. What do I have to gain – being featured in Writer’s Digest in their February 2018 issue–that’s what. I like those odds.

Here goes nothing. Wish me luck. :)

Questions and Answers

I have a book on my desk called 300 Writing Prompts. Whenever I have writer’s block (or just not a lot of time to blog on a Sunday night), this is my go-to book to get in the right frame of mind. Sometimes, I’ll open it to any page with the intention of committing to the first topic I see.

Tonight, I opened the book to three different places and nothing inspired me to write anything at length. So I decided to post some short answers to my favorite prompts. Here we go:

  • What is my favorite way to spend a lazy day? – Reading a book or reading through a ton of magazines while sitting on the couch in my pajamas all day drinking coffee and listening to music.
  • Write about something that is presently in my life that is “worth it” – This one is easy. Spending time with my kids as much as they will let me because soon enough they will go off to college and parenthood as I know it to be will be over.
  • When was the last time I got lost? – The first day I drove my brand new car to work through the narrow streets of Manayunk. It was January. There was fresh snow on the ground and cars parked along both sides of the streets. The road on my normal commute was closed and I was cursing the fact that I had to take a new and unfamiliar route and didn’t spend the extra money on a GPS.
  • Three realistic goals I would like to achieve in my lifetime – Write a book, tourĀ  Italy and see my grandchildren grow up.
  • What do I need right now? – Dinner already made for tomorrow night, a solid idea for the book I want to write, and money for my new kitchen.
  • What do you think is the most important question in life? – Will this make me happy?
  • What takes too long? – Laundry
  • Which household chores do I hate doing and what do you like? – I like
    de-cluttering and reorganizing different areas in the house. I hate cleaning the bathrooms.
  • What am I happy to finally check off my to-do list? – Today’s blog post. :)


I Don’t Know What to Say

It’s day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I’m in the middle of two blog posts that aren’t quite ready for prime time. One is about how bad I am at teaching my daughter to drive and the other is about my kitchen renovation which hasn’t even started yet.

And, it isn’t because I have writer’s block – although I’m no stranger to it. I’m just not into either of these topics today. Today, they seem so mundane.

I think that it is just because I really don’t know what to say. These slice of life topics that have high priority in my own life seem so unimportant when people in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico are fighting for basic needs – food, water, electricity, medicine, communications. Today, our hot water heater broke and so did our dryer and my family is annoyed and inconvenienced. But, we will still have food on the table tonight and a warm bed to sleep in,

And I don’t know what to write when a madman kills 59 people and wounds 500 more in a random and senseless act of violence. And I can’t understand why our leaders pass laws restricting a woman’s right to chose, the right to marry whomever we love and the right to free speech and yet are so carefree about gun control and saving lives.

So, do you really want to hear about my kitchen today? I didn’t think so. Maybe tomorrow…